2004 Role AmnestyShip

A Jesuit Amnesty Ship.

Amnesty Ship is a type of Ship Role used in Sid Meier's Pirates! (2004).

Amnesty Ships are created when the player triggers an Amnesty Mission from the abbot of a Jesuit Mission. One Amnesty Ship is created at the Jesuit Mission, and one or more Privateers are created at the destination.

If the Amnesty Ship reaches its destination safely, it will reduce the Bounty on your head from the nation owning that Port to 0. This also significantly reduces any Port Hostility at the destination port, allowing you to enter it freely. However, this may or may not reduce Port Hostility anywhere else.

The Amnesty Ship can be identified by a floating caption reading "Proposing Amnesty".

An Amnesty Ship is never created spontaneously during routine game-play.

Ship Types and NationalityEdit

The only ship type that appears in this role is the Pinnace. The ship will always belong to the Jesuits, so it can be attacked freely without angering any of the major nations (nor the Jesuits themselves, for that matter).

Note that if an Amnesty Ship is attacked and boarded, no Fencing match will occur - the ship will Surrender automatically.