Cargo Fluyt
Trade ship
Best Sailing Point: Running Reach
Best Speed (weak wind): 9 leagues
Best Speed (strong wind): 12 leagues
Max. Cannons: 20
Max. Crew: 160
Cargo Capacity: 80 tons
Basic Sale Price: ???
Draft: Shallow

Fluyts were invented by the Dutch around 1600, then widely copied throughout

northern Europe. Essentially a smaller but much more economical merchantman,

it can be sailed with a tiny crew (12 to 15 men is not uncommon). A fluyt has

large cargo spaces, but a draft so shallow it can enter rivers, coves and small

harbors unsuitable to larger craft. It's sailing qualities are equivalent to a

merchantman, although the best point of sailing is slightly different.

The smallest of the square-rigged ships, fluyts make poor warships. Almost

always they are manned by peaceful traders who often surrender after a broadside or

two. They are unpopular as pirate ships