Credits are showing if you (in Sid Meier's Pirates 2004) select "View Credits" from the main menu or vanquish the evil Marquis de la Montablan.

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Art Director/Project Management: Michael Haire


  • Randall Don Masteller
  • Ned Way
  • David McKibbin

Illustration & Animation:

  • Chris Soares
  • Harry Teasley
  • Michael Taylor
  • Andy Laken

Ship Models by: Frank Vivirito

Sound and Music Programming:

  • Ken Lagace
  • Jim McConkey
  • Jack Miller

Music Composed & Arranged by:

  • J.S. Bach
  • Jeffrey L. Briggs
  • Roland Rizzo
  • Anonymous

Quality Assurance Manager: Michael Craighead

Lead Tester: David Ginsburg

Quality Assurance:

  • Vaughan Thomas
  • Mike Read
  • Walter Carter
  • Leith Askins
  • Mike Corcoran

Special Thanks to: Sid Meier

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Firaxis GamesEdit

Designer/Programmer: Sid Meier


Producer: Barry Caudill

Associate Producer: Dan Magaha

Executive Producer: Steve Martin

CEO, Production: Jeff Briggs


Lead Programmer: Don Wuenschell


  • Mike Breitkreutz
  • Theresa Bogar
  • David McKibbin
  • Rob McLaughlin
  • Bart Muzzin
  • Casey O'Toole
  • Jacob Solomon

Tools Group Manager: Mike Breitkreutz

Techncial Director: David Evans


Art Directors/Lead Artists: Jermoe Atherholt, Marc Hudgins

Lead Animator: Dorian Newcomb


  • Steve Chao
  • Dennis Cunnigham
  • Ed Lynch

Additional Animation: Rob Clouter, Alex Kim

Lead Character Modeler: Ryan Murray

Character Modelers:

  • Alex Kim
  • Mark Shahan
  • Jon Marro

Lead Location Modeler: Brian Bussatti

Location Modeling:

  • Greg Foertsch
  • Megan Quinn
  • Nick Rusko-Berger
  • Justin Thomas

Terrain Artist: Michael Bates

Additional Character Modeling: Jack Snyder

Ship Modeling: Michael Bazzell

Ship Animation: Rob Cloutier

Effects: Michael Bazzell

Art Interns:

  • Brandon Blackweel
  • Jason Cohen
  • Darren Gorethy
  • Ben Harris


Mark Cromer, Michael Curran

Additional Music Composition: Roger Briggs


Director of Creative Resources: Mike Gibson

Additional Design: Jeff Briggs, Paul Murphy

Additional Programming: Barry Caudill, Dan Magaha

Manual, Strategy Guide and Piratopedia Writing: Paul Murphy

QA Manager: Timothy McCracken

Director of Marketing: Lindsay Riehl

Marketing and PR: Kelley Gilmore, Michael Fetterman

Network Administrator: Josh Scanlan

Introduction Cinematic: Digital Steamworks

Giant Green Monkey: Frank

Absolute Quality Inc. Testers:

  • Jason Butterhoff
  • Patrick Cullen
  • Timothy Lamb
  • Jeremiah Sanders


  • Susan Meier
  • Donna Milesky
  • Jeff Morris
  • The Civ IV Team
  • Jon Hockaday
  • Eduardo Baraf
  • Adam Caldwell
  • Vince McDonnell
  • Patricia-Jean Cody
  • Ken Moodie
  • and our families and loved ones


Executive Producer: Bob Welch

Senior Producers: Tom Zahorik, David Nathanielz

Director of Technology: Paul Hellier

Director of Creative Services: Steve Martin

Director of Editorial & Documentation Services: Liz Mackney

Art Director: Charles Rizzo

Graphic Designer: Franz Ruzawa

Documentation Specialist: Ross Edmond

Copywriter: Paul Collin

Director of Publishing Support: Michael Gilmartin

Q.A. Managers: Chuck Nunez, Bill Carroll

I.T. Manager/Western Region: Ken Ford

Manager of Technical Support: Michael Vetsch

Q.A. Testing Supervisor: Jason Cordero

Lead Tester: Jon Hockaday

Assistant Lead Tester: Jon Baraf


  • Adam Caldwell
  • Vince McDonnell
  • Shawn Winck
  • Darren Krommenhock
  • Richard Higbee
  • Rick Imperial
  • Ryan Ostlund
  • Geoff Sutton
  • Nick Trubick
  • Brian Dawson
  • Quang Nguyen
  • Andrew Bones
  • Hai Chau Bui
  • Jason Randall
  • Piers Sutton

Manager, Engineering Services and Compatibility Lab: Dave Strang

Engineering Services Specialist: Ken Edwards

Engineering Services Technicians: Dan Burkhead, Eugene Lai

Senior Compatibility Analyst: Chris McQuinn

Compatibility Test Lead: Patricia-Jean Cody

Compatibility Analysts:

  • Randy Buchholz
  • Mark Florentino
  • Scotte Kramer
  • Cuong Vu

Betatest Administrator: Ken Moodie

Director, Global Web Services: Jon Nelson

Producer, Online: Scott Lynch

Senior Programmer, Online: Gerald Burns

Senior Web Designer, Online: Richard Leighton

Materials Planner: Janet Sieler

Process Planner: Nicole Mackey

Audio Director: Mike Timm

Music by: Rich Aitken

Sound Designers: Robert Gretsch, Mark Canham

Music Supervisor: Robin Ashworth

Music Editor: Ben Griffiths

Voice Editors: Dominic Jewel, Andrew Joyce, Jon Stone

Voice Director: Mark Estdale

"Firaxlish" Voices:

  • Jerome Atherholt
  • Anne Kristin Barnes
  • Michael Bazzell
  • Tiffany Beadenkopff
  • Brandon Blackwell
  • Greg Coale
  • Mark Cromer
  • James Curran
  • Michael Curran
  • Michael Fetterman
  • Mike Gibson
  • William Kerfott
  • Tim King
  • Donna Morlock-Cromer
  • Steve Odgen
  • David B. Reynolds
  • Kathleen Schrone
  • Roland Schrone
  • Tom Simmons
  • David Smith
  • Eloise A. Ulman
  • Sharon Zelefsky

Senior Brand Manager: Jeff Foley

Director of Marketing: Peter Matiss

Online Marketing Manager: Sarah Horton

Vice President, Operations: Todd Curtis

Director of Manufacturing: Eddie Pritchard

Lead Senior Buyer: Lisa Leon

Senior Buyer: Gardnor Wong

Buyer: Tara Moretti

Special Thanks: You and all your crew and even the things you have done* and quest you have completed*.

(*) These credits members are only credited in-game.