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Fame is important for when you finally choose to retire. You are awarded a Retirement Job depending on level of fame achieved. In total, you can reach 126 fame. A number of factors contribute to fame, divided into the following categories.

Wealth: For every 5000 gold pieces you manage to stash away, you earn 1 point here, up to a maximum of 24 at 120000 gold (unconfirmed). Not accurate. Land factors in as well, so it is possible to have over 120,000 and still not have 24 points (121,007 gold and 8500 acres is 19 points, for instance).

Rank: You get 1 point per rank earned with each of the 4 nations, with 8 points earned at Duke. Become Duke of all four nations to earn 32 points.

Love: Love is a tricky thing. You get 1 point for the initial dance, 1 point for giving a ring/necklace. 1 point for beating the Fiance, 1 point for the second dance, 1 point for capturing the criminal. 1 point for beating Mendoza, and 1 point for Marrying. In addition, you get 1 point if the girl is plain, 2 if attractive, and 3 if beautiful.

Note: You can only choose one girl to marry, so make sure she is Beautiful if you want all 10 points.

Pirates: There are 9 other big name pirates on the seas. Tracking and defeating them will earn you 1 point each

Treasure: Each of the Pirates have a buried treasure. Each treasure contains gold equal to 11000 - (Starting Rank * 1000). Henry morgans treasure is worth 10000, while taking Kidds treasure only nets you 8000. Each treasure you find gains you 1 point.

Family and Lost Cities: For each piece of map you find, but you have not located what is on the map yet, you gain 1 point. For each city or family member you get earns you 4 points. You earn 32 points by finding all four cities and your entire family.

Montalban: Avenging your family earns you 10 points.