Food in Sid Meier's Pirates! is an important part of management for your fleet. It's necessary to keep a minimum of food to avoid crew insubordination !

General Information Edit

Food is a ressource necessary to feed your ship crew. You can see how much food you have in the lower left side corner of the screen. If your reserve off food fall to 0, your crew may revolt !

How to get it ? Edit

Get food in Pirates! it's not so difficult, the first use to get it is to buy food in a merchant shop. But you'r a pirate ! And Pirates don't buy anything in merchants, they stole everything Ahah !! You can steal food with a board on a ship, and often you have more foods that you need.

Specialists Edit

They are two specialist who are food useful :

Cooper Edit

Cooper bring you the possibility to keep your food more safe for sea perils (rats), this specialist decrease the speed of food use.

Cooker Edit

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