JesuitMission External

The Jesuit Mission of San Evellius, as seen in Sid Meier's Pirates! (2004).

Jesuit Mission is a type of visitable place in Sid Meier's Pirates! (2004). They belong to the Jesuit Faction.

Jesuit Missions behave like Ports but they offer a very limited selection of services. Jesuit Missions cannot be attacked. Some unique missions can only be initiated in Jesuit Mission. Jesuit Missions are led by an Abbot.

Locating a Jesuit MissionEdit

Jesuit Missions are scattered around the Caribbean. They are visible on the Sailing Map but aren't as obivious as Ports, and the game does not offer a text pointing at their direction when close by. They will only appear on the World Map when the map is sufficiently zoomed in. Jesuit Missions names are colored white.

Special Items Dutch and Spanish Rutter may be helpful in locating them.


Jesuit missions offer the following services:

  • Talk to the Abbot
  • Trade with the Abbot

Talking with the Abbot can trigger one of the following events:

Trading with the Abbot is mostly useless, since Player cannot gain reputation as much as with European Nations and thus the Abbot has less money to use, and little to sell. Jesuit Missions offer quite high price for Food. They will pay nothing for Cannons, and very little for anything else.


The following names are used for Jesuit Missions: San Abraham, San Atticus, San Barnabas, San Dominic del Val, San Evellius, San Felix, San Giles de Assisi, San Henrio, San Nicolas, San Timon, Santa Benedicta, Santa Christiana, Santa Isadora, Santa Juliana, Santa Laura, Santa Matilda, Santa Nina, Santa Oda, Santa Patientia, Santa Rita