Mutiny is the lowest level of crew happiness. Mutiny is caused by the factors size of crew, gold accumulated and length of voyage [time since last plunder division]. The longer your voyage the more gold the crew will expect to have and not having enough gold will cause the crew to become mutinous and want to break off. Also having more crew members will mean that you will need to have more gold to satisfy all of them which is why a smaller crew demands less gold and is "slower" to become mutinous than a larger crew.

Causes of Mutiny Edit

Mutiny can be caused by two things.

1. Not having any food in your ships cargo. The longer the crew is starved the more mutinous it will become. Also fiddles and quartermasters will not slow this kind of mutiny.

2. Not having enough gold for your crew and voyage length. The longer the voyage the more gold a crew expects and having a larger crew means you need more gold for each crew member.

Examples Edit

Example: Crew members demand 100 gold per month to keep them happy so a crew of 100 would demand 10,000 gold per game month to stay happy therefore if you have been at sea for 10 months since the last plunder division you need to have 100,000 gold to keep the crew happy. Failing to suffice gold will slowly drop the crews happiness depending on how far off you are from what the crew demands and eventually not providing enough gold will cause a mutiny.

Example 2: A quarter master reduces the amount of gold the crew demands by 20% and the unique items an additional 30% therefore "slowing" the rate at which the crew become mutinous.

All values in the preceding examples are made up because the actual in-game values are unknown. [DELETE THIS SENTENCE ONCE IN GAME VALUES ARE FOUND]

Preventing Mutiny Edit

The mysterious traveler sells unique items that can help slow the rate of which the crew become mutinous. Having a Quarter Master in your crew also slows the rate at which the crew become mutinous. Also dividing the plunder will reset crew happiness and the size of the crew to 40 members. The amount of gold required for each crew member is supposedly said to cap off at 1000 gold per crew member, so theoretically it is possible to sail indefinitely if you have a crew to gold ratio of 1:1000.

Negative Effects Edit

When a crew is mutinous they can take any random ship in you fleet except your flagship and a random number of crew members as well as any of your extra cannons you may have back to the nearest port. You can take back the ship with the normal Ship-to-Ship battles. The ideal way to take back mutinous ship in a less dangerous way is to have no extra cannons for which the mutinous crew to take. Also when having a mutinous crew and stopping at a port a random number of crew members will desert you, there is no way to return them and the longer you have your crew in mutiny the worse its effects become.