Santa Catalina is a port in both versions of the game. In the 2004 version, it is a Spanish in the early eras of the game, but eventually disappears. In the original, it starts off as the English port of Providence in 1620, but is captured by the Spanish by 1640 and is renamed. It is an island in the far south-west of the map, and is relatively far from major shipping.

Santa Catalina History Edit

British Puritans established a colony to follow their values, but it quickly became a base for sugarcane production, rum, The Spanish attacked with a naval fleet in real life and estroyed the English settlement, taking the residents as slaves. However, the Spanish did not establish their own colony in real life, unlike the game.

Santa Catalina Today Edit

Santa Catalina is the name of Santa Catalina Island, which is currently administered by Colombia. It adjoins the much larger Isla de la Providencia, named after the original, real-life British colony of Providence. The islands are connected via a bridge and the main island has a population of about 5000.

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